As a follow up to our posting in July, “Wellness with Wearables:Wishful thinking” I wanted to highlight what looks like the beginning of a phenomenal look at wearables and their potential impact on healthcare costs and outcomes.  Jennifer Elias, a contributor to Forbes and veteran technology journalist has started the first of the six-part series, “The Leftovers: Why The Communities Who Could Benefit Most from Wearables Are Being Left Behind“.  If the rest of the parts are as bang on as the first, this will be a must read for investors in the sector as well as practitioners and policy makers.  Kudos to Jennifer and the team at Forbes.

Dion Madsen

Those that know me well, know that my favorite words are “Super”, “Great” and “Awesome”. The geek part of me is energized solving the complexity of biology and improving the delivery of care.  I learned patience, hard work and entrepreneurship growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan and teamwork in the rinks and ballfields of my hometown.  After working in Europe and then dealing with bare-knuckle politics in Saskatchewan, I migrated west to Alberta where I began to hang out with some crazy guys doing something called “the Internet” which led to me being the CFO of a publicly-traded company.  After selling the company, I crossed over to the VC side and during a meeting with a vaccine company I had the epiphany of “I can make money and help people at the same time? Awesome!” and I have been working for or financing healthcare companies ever since.

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