On this TGIF November day, I thought to entertain you with a YouTube video recorded by Dr. Zubin Damania complaining about electronic health records (EHR). The original intent of the EHR was to improve efficiency in the system. However, the multiplications of software and tools available to healthcare professionals have failed to improve connections between them and their patients. In addition, the same tools are distracting them from their real work.

In this age of high innovation velocity in digital health, wearable and other technologies we, as an industry, need to put the patients and the healthcare professionals at the center of the technologies we are pushing in our healthcare system.

Jean-François Pariseau

I started my professional career as a wannabe entrepreneur, building two start-ups from the ground-up while writing my thesis. After a couple of years drinking from that particular fire hose, I took a sabbatical to complete a MBA. I was then recruited by a global pension fund to join the dark side as a VC and never looked back. I’ve been scouting Canada ever since, trying to find the next big idea that will disrupt healthcare. I have a passion for people who share a common vision to build global leaders in their marketplace. When I’m not on a plane on my way to meet with great people, you can find me on a bike somewhere between Montreal and Mallorca, or in the car driving the kids to the dojo or cheerleading classes.

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